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Kid Cudi Just Dropped The First Single From His New Album: Listen

Speedin' Bullet To Heaven is on its way.

Kid Cudi surprised us all in the middle of the night by dropping the first single from his forthcoming album, Speedin' Bullet to Heaven. Called “Confused,” the track features a sample of the artist’s new guitar-heavy sound.

On July 3, Cudi released details about the unreleased record in a series of tweets. Not only is it about “98% finished,” it’ll also feature zero synthesizer sounds. Besides drums, the only instruments you’ll hear are guitar and bass, played by Cudi himself.

“Who am I? Who are we? All I want is to feel complete,” Cudi sings on the chorus. It’s a melancholy number that sounds much more rock and roll-inspired than much of Cudi’s solo catalog.

Stream “Confused” via Soundcloud below.