Kevin Jonas Plays A Private Concert For His Daughter, And Her Reaction Is Everything

Too cute for words.

Kevin Jonas may not be a part of the Jonas Brothers anymore, but that doesn't mean he's put away his guitar for good.

In fact, he's in the business of performing private concerts...for his too-cute-for-words daughter, Alena Rose.

Kevin posted a video of himself on Instagram playing the Jonas Brothers 2008 song "BB Good," to his 20-month-old daughter. Kevin is sitting on the steps while his little one stares at him in delight. All of a sudden she is overcome by the music and starts clapping, stomping her feet and throws her arms up in pure joy.

It's honestly the cutest thing I've seen in forever.

Alena obviously didn't want her friends, a.k.a. her stuffed animals, to miss out on the concert, so she gathered them all and lined them up in front of her dad's feet. Kevin was all about it, joking in the caption that he was "loving" his new fans.