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Will Blofeld Show Up In 'SPECTRE?' We Visited The New 007 Set To Find Out

Get the deets on 007's latest Bond Girl, meet the bad guy(s) and more.

Details on "SPECTRE," the latest James Bond flick to hit theaters this November, have been sparse. For instance, we're still not entirely sure who the bad guy is (Christoph Waltz, maybe?) and whether or not he (or she!) likes cats, especially those fluffy white ones.

So, MTV News visited the Mexico City set of "Spectre" to ask the stars of new 007 film -- Christoph Waltz, Dave Bautista and Léa Seydoux -- if they could help us figure this all out. What's bugging Britain's international man of mystery this time around? Let's find out:

"The Bond movies have a set up that we’re all familiar with and we would like to find out the details, which is a specific kind of fun," Waltz said. "Really, romantic comedies we always know that they get each other in the end, we can expect that, and we are disappointed if they don’t. [It's the} same thing with James Bond. We kind of know the outcome, we know who’s who, and we want to see the details."

OK, yes. We do want the details. So what can you tell us, Mr. Waltz about your character, the seemingly Big Bad of "SPECTRE," Blofeld Oberhauser? Well, for one, he's definitely not the quirky kind of Bond villain from days past.

"I am anti-quirk," Waltz said. "I always found quirks a little decorative, always a little contrived, always a little labored. And I am a purist even in James Bond. I think I owe it to the thing to do the best I can."

As for general evil-doing tips, Waltz told us he has only one for future Bond baddies: have fun. "Tips? General tip, have fun, but he doesn’t need me for that. Or she! That would be interesting to have a female Bond villain for a change."

Is that a clue? Because it sounds like a clue -- one that supports our theory about Blofeld's identity.

Alas, we couldn't get any of these Bond newbies to confess to knowing anything about the iconic, cat-loving Bond villain, but Bautista, who stars as another man of mystery, Mr. Hinx, thinks Bond fans will enjoy the wild ride of "SPECTRE."

"I really loved in 'Skyfall' how they did really touch on the nostalgic James Bond, and I think if you were a fan of that then you will just really love 'SPECTRE.'" he said. "Without giving away too much, it really picks up where 'Skyfall' left off and you get that nostalgic feeling, which is why I was such a big fan of 'Skyfall.' Speaking as a fan, I think 'SPECTRE' is as good if not better than 'Skyfall.'"

One thing that 'SPECTRE' has that 'Skyfall' doesn't? Madeleine Swann, who brings more than just sex appeal to the title of Bond Girl.

"I think she’s more his equal and she's hard to get, for him," Seydoux said. "She has a good heart. She’s special. She's going to be very important in James Bond’s life."

"SPECTRE" hits theaters November 6.