Did James Bond Come To Kill Or To Die In Latest 'SPECTRE' Trailer?

There's been a grave misunderstanding.

We know the sky won't fall (or crumble), but what is to become of James Bond?

That's the big question in the latest trailer for "SPECTRE," the newest addition to the long-running saga of Britain's man of mystery.

It's been hinted that "SPECTRE" will delve into secrets of Bond's (Daniel Craig) past, secrets that he'd rather stay buried, but this latest trailer shows Bond's world literally crumbling around him -- dude almost falls into a sinkhole, with a building falling on top of him to boot.

"Look around you, James," a voiceover intones. "Everything you believed in, a ruin."

Soon enough, he's face to face with Christoph Waltz's character, who, judging by the misunderstanding he's in with 007 (James thought he was there to kill him, Waltz's character thought he was there to die) is pretty clearly a baddie.

Throw in some more destruction, a mysterious Die De Los Muertos mask and some exciting music, and it's pretty safe to say we're amped for the film's November 6 release.