Watch Imagine Dragons Perform 'Radioactive,' 'It's Time,' And More At Hangout Music Fest 2013! (VIDEOS)

Watch Imagine Dragons perform at Hangout Music Fest.

Check out Imagine Dragons' KILLER set at Hangout Music Fest 2013.

Look, we're REALLY not trying to make you feel bad if you weren't at this year's Hangout Music Fest, but we won't lie and say you didn't miss some truly LIFE-ALTERING THINGS! But not to worry -- we're going to catch you up right now! First, There's Twenty One Pilots' onstage backflip, Macklemore's endless tank tops, Ellie Goulding's life-affirming performance, and today, we're bringing you an UNREAL live set from Imagine Dragons.

Watch Imagine Dragons' Hangout Fest 2013 set after the jump.

The Las Vegas indie rock outfit hit up Hangout Fest, where they performed for throngs of Imagine Dragon Stans who just about lost their collective ish when the boys took the stage. The bros busted out renditions of their hits "Radioactive" and "It's Time," followed by "On Top Of The World," "Demons," and "Tiptoe." Again, we know it's a harsh reality to face that all of this went on without you, but on the bright side, we heard it was so effing hot in Gulf Shores, Ala., that people were sweating in places they didn't even know they COULD sweat! That said, we suggest you blast your AC right this instant, bask in the glory of a temperature-controlled environment, and watch Imagine Dragons' incredible Hangout Fest fest set!

+ Watch Imagine Dragons perform "Radioactive," "It's Time," and more at Hangout Fest 2013, and check out everything that went on at Hangout Fest 2013, including interviews, performances and getting chill from the Shores at

Photo credit: MTV