Watch Kate Nash's 'Buzzworthy Live' Acoustic Performance Of '3AM' (VIDEO)

Kate Nash performs "3AM" live for Buzzworthy!

Watch Kate Nash's Buzzworthy Live acoustic performance of "3AM."

Over the years, Brit-pop darling and quirk poster girl Kate Nash has warmed our hearts with her ultra-confessional, piano-driven ballads. We still swoon when her bluntly honest breakup song "Foundations" comes on shuffle, and "Do-Wah-Doo" still makes us want to quit our day jobs to become sexy '60s flight attendants. Now, with two critically acclaimed albums under her (probably consigned) belt -- 2007's breakout Made Of Bricks and 2010's My Best Friend Is You -- Kate is back with plans for a brand-new record, Girltalk, dropping March 5. And in even better news, she recently stopped by Buzzworthy's studios to perform an acoustic (well, all-bass) rendition of Girltalk's first single, "3AM." Check it out below!

+ Watch Kate Nash's "Buzzworthy Live" performance of "3AM" after the jump.

Rocking darker hair with a giant blonde streak down the side a la Candy Hearts' Mariel Loveland and a fairy-pink dress, Kate blew through the fast-paced "3AM" with only a large sparkly bass for accompaniment (WANT). (Fun fact: Kate once played bass in a punk band called The Receders.) She might look more Bettie Page than Zooey Deschanel these days, but fortunately not much else has changed about the pop singer -- her voice still has the same all-knowing, cheeky British attitude we grew to love on "Foundations" and the rest of Made Of Bricks. And "3AM" might have a punkier vibe than her previous material, but we're more than down with the genre meshing -- if anyone can pull it off with unbelievable style, wit, and grace, it's Ms. Nash. Watch Kate Nash perform "3AM" below, and pardon us while we scour Etsy for the perfect silver, sparkly guitar.

+ Watch Kate Nash's "Buzzworthy Live" performance of "3AM."

Photo credit: MTV