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Kid Cudi Auditioned For 'Star Wars' -- But For Which Role?

We've got some guesses.

Kid Cudi is already the Man On The Moon and Satellite Flight MC, but he almost became a "Star Wars" actor, too.

On Monday (Sep. 7) Cudder confirmed that he'd auditioned for a role in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens.”

He didn't get it, unfortunately, but What role did Cudi audition for? We can't be sure, but here are our best guesses:

  • Finn

    This role ended up going to John Boyega. The actor, who stars in the trailer for the film, is also super excited to be a "Star Wars" action figure. While Cudi might've been a good Finn, we can't wait to see this character develop in the film.

  • Kylo Ren

    Adam Driver ended up taking this one. He's poised to be a force to be reckoned with in the film, what with his cross-guarded lightsaber and all.

  • Poe Dameron

    Oscar Isaac, who's the leading man in "Show Me A Hero," ended up taking the Poe Dameron role in the film. And of course he had fun working with the rest of the cast, including Harrison Ford, whom he described as "a tough motherf--ker."

Although he didn't land any of those roles, you can still see more from Cudder in the "James White" trailer which was released today. The film is set to hit theaters Nov. 13.