Under Arrest: Did Cops Finally Nab The 'Scream' Killer?

After five gruesome murders, Mr. Branson was taken into custody.

Well, it's about time.

Police finally made an arrest in the bloody Lakewood killings on this week's "Scream" -- see ya, Mr. Branson! -- all thanks to junior sleuths (and fan favorites) Noah and Audrey.

Three weeks ago, the duo had discovered malware on their teacher's computer that proved he just may have originated Jake and Will's blackmail ring. And when Noah investigated Mr. B online, he came up with virtually nothing: Brooke's secret side piece had no tracks, like, at all. This week, the mystery only deepened as the two discussed their top suspect.

"If Branson is the killer, why would he take a job at a school instead of somewhere below the radar?" Audrey asked.

"Hiding in plain sight," Noah reasoned. "Think about it: His classroom is one-stop victim shopping. Pick one, slay one, console one, then repeat."

Saddled with even more suspicion, the pair decided to search Mr. Branson's classroom. And boy, was that ever a goldmine: Hidden in an air vent was -- wait for it -- a bloody knife. That's not all: After making the shocking discovery, Noah's online efforts paid off when he finally uncovered Mr. B's real identity.

"Seth Branson used to be Seth Palmer," our favorite know-it-all was soon telling Sheriff Hudson, adding that, in 2013, the teacher had been working at a liberal arts college. And there, apparently, he'd been up to his old tricks.

"He had this affair with this gorgeous 18-year-old girl," Noah continued. "But then she turned up dead. Palmer was a suspect until he disappeared."


Given the mountain of incriminating evidence, Sheriff Hudson put out an APB on Branson. But where was Mr. B as his very freedom was coming into jeopardy? In the H.S. auditorium participating in his favorite extra-curricular activity: Breaking, like, every rule possible -- yes, clothes were coming off and EVERYTHING -- he and Brooke were getting busy on a leather couch backstage. Until they heard the sound of a door opening...

"Stay right here -- I'll go check it out," Mr. B said.

Shortly after Mr. Branson (err, Mr. Palmer?) disappeared, eeriness began: The stage's curtains opened, and colored lights gleamed as a spotlight shined on the lingerie-clad Brooke.

"Love the colors, but the spot's too much," she said, looking out into the empty auditorium and assuming her paramour was the person standing toward the back.

But it totally wasn't.

In a flash, the "Scream" killer jumped onto the stage and began wielding his knife at Brooke -- he even managed to slash her arm -- as she frantically tried to escape. Racing in a circle and eventually finding herself back on the stage, she ran right into...Mr. Branson.

"Where were you?" Brooke cried.

"I got locked out -- I had to walk around," he said. But before he could utter another excuse word, cops burst in and cuffed him.

"Take him in," Sheriff Hudson instructed his crew. "It's over."

But is it? Is Mr. Branson really the killer? Noah and Audrey amassed some incredibly solid evidence against Mr. Branson -- HELLO, he dated a girl who wound up dead, then changed his name and fled when he became a suspect. But did he have enough time to don the killer's outfit and attack Brooke, then innocently appear back on the stage to comfort her? And let's not forget Maggie's revelation from tonight: Given the new info, could Mr. B be the child she had with Brandon James?

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