'Scream' 101: 5 Equations We're Struggling To Solve

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

True story: We failed algebra. Twice.

Between coefficients, variables, operators and constants, we'd always break into a cold sweat during second period. Throw in an exponent or two, and our head exploded.

But what does that have to do with this week's episode of "Scream"? In a shout-out to our junior high algebra teacher (she's probably STILL got that bun), we'll put this mathematically: There were a more than a few equations -- thanks to a slew of plot twists -- that added up to a questionable sum. Here are the top five:

  1. Audrey + Incriminating Evidence = Uh-Oh

    Say it ain't so! When cops ran tests on that recently found Brandon James mask, they discovered Audrey's DNA on it. Even worse, when police detained her, the teen asked Emma to hide a rant-filled video in which she said she was going to "destroy" Nina. Since we totally stan for Audrey, we jumped for joy when cops eventually cleared her of suspicion. Too bad the moment was ruined by one nagging thought: When Audrey was in custody, Emma didn't get ONE phone call from the killer. Hmm...

  2. Emma + Pathologic Lying = WTH!

    DNA and compromising video footage considered, Emma's faith in Audrey began to waver -- until her mom offered some advice. "If you believe in your heart she couldn't do this, listen to that," Maggie said. Emma took her words to heart, but damn it if she didn't go a little overboard. Making a beeline for the police department, she told Detective Brock that Audrey couldn't have killed Nina for spreading that girl-on-girl video. "She didn't do it -- I stopped her," Em swore, adding that she'd gone to Audrey's to confess her part in the video's filming the very night of Nina's murder. Um, really? We're calling BS, because 1) She never talked Audrey out of anything. 2) Yes, she did confess -- but days AFTER the video went viral. Note to Emma: Compromising a murder investigation by providing false information could seriously bite you in the ass.

  3. Mr. Branson ÷ Mr. Branson = Um, Zero?

    When Noah went online to investigate the suspicious teacher, he discovered...absolutely nothing. "I found four guys, none of whom are our Mr. Branson. This Mr. Branson didn't exist until he moved to Lakewood," he said, before adding, "You don't change your name unless you've got a secret." Or, unless you need an alias so you can kill a bunch of people. Just a thought.

  4. Emma's Ex + The Slasher = Kill Bill Will?

    After finally coming to his senses, the high school jock returned all the money he and Jake had extorted from Mayor Maddox -- and was promptly rewarded with a knife in the chest. Will Will survive the deadly attack? Only time will tell, but one thing we do know: This probably takes him off the list of suspects.

  5. Brandon James - Murder = A Whole-New Killer?

    In one of the episode's most WTF scenes, Emma's mom fully explained her connection to Brandon and detailed the events that caused him to begin Lakewood's original killing spree. Emma tried to reassure her, saying, "There's no way you could have known he was going to snap." Her mother's startling reply: "I'm not convinced he did." That's not all: She added that "the person I knew couldn't have done those things." So let's break this down, shall we? Basically, Maggie just said she doesn't believe Brandon committed the murders. And if she's right, that means the real killer was never caught. And if the real killer was never caught, who's to say he's not the one who's killing again in Lakewood? *shiver*

Can you solve any of "Scream"'s latest mysteries? Head to the comments section and give it a whirl, then get ready for a new episode on Tuesday at 10/9c!