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This McDonald's Really, Really Wanted To Meet 5SOS

They even offered them free food.

It's hard to get people's attention -- especially the attention of four dudes who have been on the road for months. That's why when 5 Seconds of Summer were rolling through Alberta, Canada, a little McDonald's in Lloydminster pulled the best stunt they could to try to get the guys' attention. And it worked.

The McDonald's used its sign out front to proposition the Aussie punk rockers, writing, "5SOS BAND COME IN FOR FREE FOOD." The next day, the band tweeted a picture of the same sign. Unfortunately, they never got to stop in for a Big Mac.

The sign was the work of a 5SOS fan's parents, who are franchisees in Canada. Soleil, 15, told me that they put the sign up for the band, whom they believed were on their way to Winnipeg for their July 29 concert. Soleil works at her family's restaurant on occasion and hangs out there.

"My mom said that we should put up a sign inviting 5SOS into our restaurant for free food so we could meet the band," she said, adding that her mom knows a few songs, but her dad is "neutral."

Although Ashton, Luke, Michael and Calum didn't come in, other members of the 5SOS Fam have, and they've complimented her parents on the sign. And while Soleil believes 5SOS got the picture from some fans online, who knows? Perhaps the boys snapped a pic of the sign from their tour bus because they didn't have time for a McFlurry.

Maybe next time?