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8 Reasons Jaden Smith Is The Hero Cosplay Deserves

Making cosplay cosbae.

Jaden Smith, budding personality son of multi-hyphenate Will Smith and certified super-nerd Jada Pinkett Smith (they go to comic book stores in every city they visit and look for "little gems," she says), may just be the savior the cosplay world deserves.

He's demonstrated both potential and ability in the arena of dressing up like fictional characters, and may in fact be a fictional character himself. (Just think about it.)

Here are nine reasons we fully support Jaden Smith as the new poster child for super-duper elaborate cosplay.

  1. He looked good as an all-white-suited Batman at Kim Kardashian's wedding.


  2. His dad is Deadshot.
    DC Comics

    Just think of the access to cool ish he has!

  3. And mom? She's Fish Mooney on "Gotham."

    Cred? Cred!

  4. He pulled off a perfectly executed Iron Man.

    Jarvis requires some assembly.

  5. He may actually be a graphic novel star himself someday.
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    “Jaden definitely wants the opportunity to be a graphic novel star,” Pinkett Smith said. “That’s what he’s looking for. He’s looking for that opportunity.”

  6. He can pull off many a look, like this dressy prom ensemble.

    Fashion meets fun-ction.

  7. Buddy wore a cape to another prom.

    Own it.

  8. Even his casual outfits tend to look pretty heroic.
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    Kneepads! For fighting crime!