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'Breaking Bad' Star Aaron Paul Just Got A New Gig On Hulu (... Bitch)

This one's not a joke.

"Breaking Bad" fans, have you forgiven Aaron Paul for his whoa-not-cool-bro Jesse Pinkman spin-off joke from the other day yet? He did send out those "Hugs and kisses" as an apology, yo.

Well, hopefully so, because today he's got some actual exciting news to celebrate -- which helps explain that congratulatory dessert pic that sent everyone into a theory-throwing tailspin.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Paul has made a big new score: a role in a Hulu series called "The Way," co-starring "True Detective" star Michelle Monaghan.

The show, a drama which'll start with a 10 episode run, is said to be all about a "controversial movement" concerning the woes of being wedded along with other relationships and power struggles -- with Paul starring as Eddie Cleary, a man who's joined the weird cult cause after losing his religion. (Sounds kind of Kafkaesque.)

Paul, for one, is more fired up than Tuco Calamante's office about the news. "Very excited about this one. Thank you to everyone involved for making this happen for me. Hugs and kisses to all of you. New York City here I come," he wrote on Instagram.