Chris Weeks/Getty Images

Wait, So… Was Aaron Paul Really Kidding About That ‘Breaking Bad’ Spinoff?


File this one under “major ‘b---h’ move.”

Aaron Paul — who will henceforth be known as the biggest tease/troll/prankster of all time — posted a very cryptic pic on Instagram over the weekend hinting at a “top secret” project.

“Can’t wait to tell you what this is all about. It’s top secret for now but you all will know soon enough,” he captioned the snap. “It’s a new gig that I am over the moon about. Thank you angel for sending this to me from across the country. Love you lots and lots.”

Then, he sent fans into full-fledged freakout mode when he announced via Periscope that a “Breaking Bad” spinoff focusing on his fan-favorite character, Jesse Pinkman, was in the works. Over the course of 12 rambling minutes, Paul went on to describe how “Breaking Bad” mastermind Vince Gilligan was penning the new series, which would randomly find Jesse in Alaska.

And then he was all, “hahahaha, nope, JK.” Within minutes, Paul said he was kidding and that his elaborate, multi-platform ruse was propelled by sheer boredom, at our expense.

Needless to say, a lot of “Breaking Bad” fans were pretty peeved about the whole thing (which honestly just goes to show how beloved Jesse is and how badly we want this spinoff!), so Paul made a heartfelt apology on Twitter.

He then attempted to rectify his wrongdoing by streaming a second Periscope vid from Boston, where he’s currently filming “Central Intelligence” alongside Kevin Hart and The Rock. Paul apologized again and then offered to take a bunch of Bostonian fans to go see “Mad Max: Fury Road,” extending the invite to his Twitter followers. Because nothing feels more therapeutic than watching adrenaline-filled car crashes as Charlize Theron sticks it to the men (totally serious about that).

Anyway, it was a nice save, Aaron. But don’t mess with our emotions like that again, OK?!