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13 Times Niall Horan Was 5 Seconds Of Summer’s Biggest Fan

Niall cheered the guys during their first-ever headlining tour. Awwww!

Niall Horan is one proud papa.

Don’t freak out, One Direction fans — your fave Irishman isn’t LITERALLY a dad, but we’re going to go ahead and dub him the honorary father figure to 5 Seconds of Summer.

The Aussie band is currently tearing up stages around the world on their first-ever headlining tour, and Niall couldn’t help but check the guys out in action when they performed at Wembley Arena in London last night (June 12).

Niall posted a clip of his former touring mates launching into the chorus of “She Looks So Perfect,” captioning it, “Went to see the lads last night and they were sickkkkkk ! Congrats boys.”

Judging by the angle, Niall appears to have been immersed with the crowd on the arena floor — an observation confirmed by this footage from a couple sneaky fans. In the video, Niall can be seen in the background, rocking out and hugging a mystery blonde woman.

One Direction and 5SOS go back a long ways, and Niall has always been one of the guys’ most enthusiastic friends and supporters. Here are 13 times Niall was a total 5SOS fanboy:

  1. The time he surprised them by sneaking into their dressing room and they appropriately freaked out and screamed like little girls.
  2. The time he put the 5 in 5SOS.
  3. The time he crashed their livestream (in a horse mask, no less) to announce that 5SOS would be joining 1D on their tour in Europe.
  4. The time he took a pic of the line outside a 5SOS gig in London and marveled, “The queue for 5sos was like the length of the whole street, delighted for them!”
  5. The time he was such a proud dad.
  6. The time a bespectacled Niall wished Ashton Irwin a happy birthday.
  7. Seriously, Niall and Ash take the best selfies together.
  8. The time he congratulated them on their epic 2014 Billboard Music Awards performance.
  9. The time way back in 2012 when he alerted us to their amazingness.
  10. The time he played gummy bear basketball with Luke Hemmings.
  11. The time he showed off his adorable baby nephew, but we were too distracted by his sleeveless 5SOS shirt.
  12. The time he wore a 5SOS T-shirt and posted outside their dressing room like a starstruck fan.
  13. And the time he was so adorably excited to reunite with them.