Ariana Grande's Dog Just Landed A High-Fashion Modeling Gig, Apparently


In the latest dogs-that-are-more-successful-than-all-of-us-mere-humans news, Ariana Grande’s pup has just landed a modeling job with Coach.

Ariana posted a photo to Instagram of her Beagle-Chihuahua mix, Toulouse, along with the caption: "a @coach model (i laughed out loud when i typed that / the best part is i'm not kidding) #toulouse #goose#bluesteel #topmodel#somebodycallhisagent#hedoesntactuallyhaveone #mybaby#issiriusdeadinthecorner #orrrr? "toulouse......... so hot right now" *mugatu voice*."

While there’s still no official word from Ariana or Coach on what Toulouse will actually be doing for the brand (runway? Editorials? Both?), we’re expecting big things from the tiny pooch. Also, um, why isn't he BFFs with Lady Gaga's dog Asia yet? We need some A-list puppy love ASAP.