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Kid Cudi Snaps At Angie Martinez After Watching Old Interview

Cudi was annoyed by an interview from 2009.

It seems like Kid Cudi was in the mood to reminisce late last week, but he found something troubling on his trip down memory lane. Then, he decided to share it on Twitter, in a message that insulted New York radio personalities Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff.

For some reason, the Cleveland rapper decided to watch an old interview he did with New York's Hot 97 radio station back in 2009. During the clip, Angie Martinez and DJ Enuff talk to him about his new music, and his risqué style, asking him to explain the difference between "skinny jeans" and "tight jeans," for example.

There doesn't seem to be anything truly offensive about this interview, but Cudi felt very differently around what he saw.

Cudi sent his first tweet early on Saturday morning, June 6, and Angie Martinez responded hours later, trying to explain that she meant no offense during the interview and hinting that Hollywood was getting to his head.

Angie Martinez/Twitter

Cudi wasn't interested in patching things up though. He eventually fired back and made it obvious that he wasn't trying to clear the air. Angie didn't bother responding after that.

It's unclear why Cudi was watching the old interview to begin with, but we might never know. He's currently working on his new album Speedin' Bullet To Heaven and has a role as Ari's new assistant in the "Entourage" movie.

So, was the interview actually offensive? Watch it below and decide for yourself.