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Kid Cudi Says There’s A Lot Of Pressure On Lloyd’s ‘Entourage’ Replacement

There's a new Lloyd in town.

You’ll get your “Entourage” fix when the star-studded film hits theaters on June 3 -- but you should know that there’s a new Lloyd in town. Kid Cudi will be playing Ari Gold’s new assistant this time around, and it’ll certainly be a change of pace.

In a brief interview about the new movie, Cudi explained that he welcomed the chance to play a role other than himself. “I wanted to try to give people a different type of persona,” he said, adding that his character Alex would be very different from Lloyd.

“There’s a lot of pressure on him. Those are big shoes to fill and it’s fun to see the nervousness, [to] see someone who can't always bite back at Ari."

So, he'll basically get abused?

“He kind of has to take the brunt of everything. It’s cool, because this guy just really wants to be the next Ari Gold. He wants to do everything perfect and it’s dope for me to play a character like that."

After our "Entourage" fix, we'll also have a new Kid Cudi album to look forward to.