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Riley Curry Is The 2-Year-Old The World Needs: Watch Her Sing Big Sean's 'Blessings'


Big Sean, Drake and Kanye West performing "Blessings" is truly great. They're three of rap's titans, and they got together to make one of the year's best songs.

But Riley Curry, the 2-year-old daughter of NBA MVP Steph Curry, performing "Blessings" is much better. Like, wayyyyy up above the original.

Here's a little taste of her scene-stealing performance on Wednesday night after her dad and the Golden State Warriors advanced to the NBA Finals with a win over the Houston Rockets.

That's right. She just said, "Wayyyyy up, I feel blessed." And now I do, too.

There's a good chance she learned this one from her pops. Back in February, Steph's teammate, Harrison Barnes, posted a video on Twitter of basically the entire Warriors squad singing the track on the team plane.

No offense, guys, but Riley is blowing you out of the water.

She wasn't just singing rap songs while in front of the world at the podium, though. Riley also found herself wrapped in up curtain land, consumed by the fabric ten times her size. I'd like to go to curtain land.

Also, she gave this guy her gum.

Here's a super-cut of all her antics, so you can enjoy even more blessings on blessings.

This wasn't the first time Riley's been a post-game star. After a Golden State win last week, she stole the show from pops, too.

And she's not only cute when she knows the national TV cameras are on. Even when mommy's iPhone is around she stays winning.

And winning.

And winning.

Hopefully the Warriors stay winning, so we can get some more of this before the season ends.