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Watch These NBA Players Count Their 'Blessings' With Help From Big Sean After A Win

The Warriors are way up.

Sure, you can chart the success of a single by measuring streams and downloads, but then there are the intangibles: Like when an league-best NBA team is using your song as the soundtrack to their winning streak.

Big Sean can definitely use a bit of the latter to determine how great his new Dark Sky Paradise single "Blessings" is doing. The track features Drake and Kanye West, and the Golden State Warriors are clearly fans.

The NBA team was heading to Minnesota late on Monday night, after beating the Philadelphia 76ers, and forward Harrison Barnes posted the video above to his Twitter account, showing his team mates celebrating their big win.

At first, we were wondering which player decided to use the plane's window shades to bop to the beat, but then Barnes' hastagh #StephandTheWindow made it obvious.

Stephen Curry definitely has a good sense of a humor, as he proved with his recent Drake parody.