Daniel Zuchnik / Getty Images

Madeon Has Daft Punk To Thank For His Earliest Festival Memories

It all started at Coachella.

Madeon is on the big stage now. On Saturday, the 20-year old music producer will hit the Mysteryland music festival in Bethel Woods, NY and he's living a life that he has dreamed of since an early age.

"One of my earliest festival memories is when Daft Punk performed at Coachella and I just watched videos on YouTube," Madeon told MTV News in the anticipation for his Mysteryland performance.

"Everyone was super excited about what they were gonna do," he continued. "It ended up having such a meaningful impact on dance music for years to come. So that's the first name, as a child, that stuck out with me."

Madeon eventually got his chance to perform at Coachella in 2012, following in the footsteps of the iconic dance group that he looked up to. These days Madeon appreciates how the festival scene has grown, so while he'll be performing this weekend, maybe you'll catch him fanning out over a set too.

"Now, obviously the landscape has changed tremendously, it's so much variety," he said. "But I tend these days to be really into festivals that try to do more than just DJs and that have a variety of acts that have light stages and art pieces or other things besides just a DJ format."