The Mysterious PartyNextDoor's First Interview: Here's What We Learned

A look at the 21-year-old's path to OVO.

If you're an OVO fan, there's a pretty good chance that you're familiar with PARTYNEXTDOOR's music by now...but that's probably about it.

The Toronto native has dropped two great mixtapes (or EPs whatever you want to call them) in the past two years and produced songs on Drake's recent mixtape, but he hasn't done any press until now.

In his new Fader cover story, which was published online on Tuesday (Apr. 21), we finally learn a bit more of the man behind the music.

PND started making music in his bedroom while in high school

"I was one of those guys on Myspace who had one of those fake hit counters," he told Fader.

And when he reached out to labels and producers who weren't interested, he started doing his own thing. "They just didn't see it. So I was like, 'Okay, cool, Imma learn how to produce my own beats,' and I stuck to it. Now, it's hard to even take a beat from anyone else."

Myspace worked out eventually

His first manager discovered him on Myspace and he moved to L.A. to began recording professionally -- but he was still broke. "My mom was giving me 50 bucks every two weeks to pitch in on groceries," he explained. "In my mind I'm like, 'Okay, I gotta pay my mom back this 50 bucks.' Those were the things in my prayers every night. That drove me. Like, I gotta get this deal."

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He worked under his government name for awhile

Party signed a publishing deal with Warner/Chappell as a songwriter at the age of 18, while going by his real name Jahron B. (Jahron Anthony Brathwaite). He wrote songs for artists like Justin Bieber, that were never used.

Eventually he moved to Miami and began working on his solo career, since the material was so personal and gritty. "Here's music that's written and produced by one guy but no one else could sing," he explained of his catalog at the time. "So just let me sing my songs and sign me as an artist. Cause this is the only music I'm going to make. I created my own world, and you're gonna have a hard time shopping this."

His name was inspired by music production software

Apparently PARTYNEXTDOOR was a production filter in a production program called Fruity Loops, which he thought resembled what Noah "40" Shebib was using.

Boi-1da and Oliver El-Khatib set-off his OVO journey

OVO co-founder, Oliver El-Khatib, explained that Boi-1da was the first person to send him Party's music. "I started listening, and it was crazy," Oliver explained. "So I hit back like, 'Send me more, I need to hear more,' because that's how I gauge how consistent it is. Is it two flukes? Or is this like a sound, is this cohesive? He kept sending me more, and I started to get really into it and playing it for 40 and for the boy." (The boy being Drake, of course).

His first big OVO meeting was in the back of a car

More specifically, in the back of Oliver El-Khatib's Range Rover, "on some random street" in Toronto.

He doesn't consider himself to be mysterious

Although some people might use this word since he's avoided the press, he argues otherwise. "I would never call myself mysterious. The word I use is 'private,'" he said. "I'm not hiding from pictures. When you see me, I'll say whassup. I just don't wanna live in this fantasy where I act like everybody cares, and then I look like a jackass with someone filming me in the airport."