This Is The Moment We All Fell In Love With 'Glee'

Don't stop believing, indeed.

Tonight (March 19), "Glee" will take its final bow after a remarkable six-year run that saw tremendous highs and devastating lows. Whether you still consider yourself a Gleek or not, it's safe to say that "Glee" will hold a special place in our hearts as a show that dared to be different. And it all started with "Don't Stop Believin'.

The classic Journey song is now synonymous with "Glee" after McKinley High students Rachel, Finn, Kurt, Artie, Tina and Mercedes performed it in the 2009 pilot. And TBH, the performance still gives us chills. In honor of our favorite glee club's swan song, we're throwing dedicating this #TBT (well, Friday) to one of the show's most memorable performances. (Warning: tissues are most definitely required.)

Seeing a baby-faced Cory Monteith, who tragically passed in 2013, awkwardly strum his air guitar is currently making us feel all of the emotions. This moment showcased the very best of "Glee" -- its sincerity and fearlessness -- and most importantly, it made us care about these teenaged misfits.