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13 Musician Couples Who Broke Up After Their Duets

Some say 'love remains,' but only their music does.

The best thing about having a soulmate is creating with them -- they bring out stuff in you that you never thought you had. But like, say, John Mayer or Jennifer Lopez, once you share your music with someone else, you have a permanent time capsule of your relationship -- which may or may not be a good thing down the road.

A darker example might be Rita Ora's collaboration with ex-boyfriend Calvin Harris, who worked on an entire record with her and won't let her release the songs after their breakup. On the lighter side, musical soulmates like Diplo and M.I.A. made tons of tunes while they were together, and although they've been frenemies for a while, they recently declared that they're "best friends forever." And dare I mentioned Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears, who collaborated on a song called "What's It's Like To Be Me"?

There are plenty of ex-couples who've starred in each other's music videos -- Ryan Cabrera and Ashlee Simpson, Chilli and Usher, J.Lo and Diddy -- but let's take a look at the snuffed flames who made music happen:

  1. John Mayer and Taylor Swift - "Half My Heart"

    Mayer and Swift collaborated on "Half My Heart," a track off Mayer's Battle Studies in 2010. The song is about only giving "half" in a relationship, but still not being able to let go. Were they singing from experience?

  2. John Mayer and Katy Perry - "Who You Love"

    Here's JM again, who took his romance a step further this time by putting new love Katy Perry in the video as well. The pop star and soulful guitarist may have been an unlikely couple, but in the song, they tell us, "you love who you love." It doesn't matter. Of course, they broke up, but they still see each other from time to time.

  3. Kelis and Nas - "In Public"

    In "In Public," Kelis poses the question, "what would he do if I dropped down to my knees?" Nas, naturally, was down. However, Nas and Kelis aren't doing it in public anymore.

  4. Demi Lovato and Joe Jonas - “This Is Me”

    Looking back at Demi in her Disney days is like seeing a completely different person, so her duet with former JoBro Joe is particularly jolting. After their "Camp Rock" days, the two split, but they're still pals.

  5. Ciara and Future - "Body Party"

    It doesn't get any more sensual than "Body Party." Although the ex-couple (and parents to Baby Future) don't exchange verses on the track, Future does ad-libs and backups. And oh, that video. The clip plays out the moment Future and Ciara meet, and the chemistry is unreal. Apparently it wasn't that real though. *tugs at shirt collar*

  6. Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks - “Vertigo”

    Here's another sensual pick -- this time from (sing it with me) Jaassoooon Deruloo. It's a sweet song, but their breakup wasn't as sweet. Apparently they broke up over the phone.

  7. Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey - “Where You Are”

    It's easy to remember a couple as public as Nick and Jessica -- they had a show together! But if you need a reminder of the beautiful love that were MTV's favorite newlyweds, look no further than "Where You Are."

  8. Chris Brown and Rihanna -- “Ain’t Nobody’s Business”

    The 10th track off Rih's Unapologetic caused quite the stir. Brown and Rihanna declared their love for each other, saying it "ain't nobody's business but mine" -- three years after Brown assaulted her after the 2009 Grammys. Yikes.

  9. Brandy and Wayna Morris - “Brokenhearted”

    Slow it down with "Brokenhearted," Brandy's 1995 track with with Boyz II Men singer and ex-boo Wayna. And make sure to watch the video because they're puppies at the end.

  10. Drake and Rihanna - "What's My Name"

    Oh nah nah, I wish Drake and Rihanna were still a thing. Not only did they get super cute on "What's My Name," but Drake also featured Rih on "Take Care."

  11. Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose - “Never Been Part 2”

    Sure, Rick Ross joined in on the action too, but former lovers Wiz and Amber (and parents to Baby Bash) traded a few lines on "Never Been Part 2."

  12. Ryan Adams and Mandy Moore - "Kindness"

    On "Kindness," Ryan asks, "Do you believe in love?" -- and I'm not so sure how to answer after their recent breakup...

  13. Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony - “No Me Ames”

    Lopez and Anthony recorded this duet as soon as he was divorced. They got married shortly after. And, well, split a few years later.