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Is There 'An Inherent Risk' In Vaccination? 'The Nightly Show' Investigates

Larry Wilmore's Comedy Central talk show host tackles recent vaccine controversies.

If you have a fever, the only cure is to watch "The Nightly Show," the new Comedy Central talk show hosted by Larry Wilmore. Although, more practically, you might want to think about getting vaccinated.

To vaccinate or not to vaccinate was very much the question on last night's episode of "The Nightly Show," as Wilmore tackled the curious case of a measles outbreak in Disneyland last month. Speaking with a panel that included comedians Judy Gold and Mike Yard, medical professional Holly Phillips with CBS News, and Thinking Moms' Revolution member Zoey O'Toole, Wilmore and "The Nightly Show" dug into the idea of whether or not parents should have the choice to withhold vaccinations from their children, at the potential risk of harming other kids.

For her part, O'Toole identified herself as "pro-vaccine choice," casting suspicion on the vaccine industry as a $40 billion moneymaking machine. For his part, Wilmore wondered aloud: "If somebody cures your kid of a disease and makes a lot of money, are you mad at him?"

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