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Austin Mahone Explains Album Delay, Promises Fans 'Won't Be Disappointed'

Mahomies are frustrated, and so is he.

Mahomies, remember: good things come to those who wait.

But Austin Mahone gets it, waiting for his debut album can be a bit frustrating, and according to one fan, it's "getting old."

Austin saw this tweet and decided to set the record straight on the status of his album, which was originally scheduled to be released in October of 2014, but was pushed to come out mid-2015, saying he doesn't want to "rush it."

Austin released his second EP, The Secret, last year, which featured his single "MMM Yeah," but he wants to make sure his album has some "monster smashes" that he can "feel good about."

So Mahomies, don't you worry, you will not be "disappointed."

He concluded his explanation by tweeting out to all his fans that no one is "more impatient" than him, but his "real Mahomies will be patient with me."