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The 16 Best Reactions To Austin Mahone's The Secret

Austin, ILY.

It's no secret: Austin Mahone's debut project The Secret is out today (May 27). And if you didn't know, Mahomies are screaming it from the metaphorical Twitter mountaintops.

Whether you love "Til I Find You" or "Shadow," pretty much every fan is in agreement... the EP was worth the wait. The release also includes the singles "MMM Yeah" with Pitbull and "All I Ever Need," the sweet and sexy song for which he dropped a video last week. We've also heard "Next to You," when it premiered on Austin's MTV Artist page a few days ago, and "Shadow," which he played on "Good Morning America" on Monday.

Out of all the joints on The Secret, Mahomies can't really decide which is best.

Although 'Shadow' seems to be a fan favorite.

And some fans are even losing sleep over it.

It's still at #1 on iTunes, besting Mariah Carey's Me. I Am Mariah.

And it's killing Billboard's new real-time trend tracker.

@PregnantAustin is sacrificing precious battery juice to hear it.

Austin has kids going to record stores again.

HE DID IT, guys.

Welp, there goes the best-kept secret...

This fan has plans for the rest of her life.

Even Mama Mahone is fan girling.

Everything is going to be OK, Mahomies.

Others can't get enough.

Some Mahomies are just content with the little things.

@BiebxrsCupcake_ is making huge proclamations.

If you can't get all your excitement out, just dance like no one's watching.

Or just skip school. But you probably shouldn't skip school.