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'Nightly Show' Host Larry Wilmore Finally Has The Barack Obama He Voted For, But Is It Too Late?

By the way, we're going to Mars!

Larry Wilmore, host of Comedy Central's new late night talk show "The Nightly Show," wants you to know, in no uncertain terms, exactly why he voted for Barack Obama to be the President of the United States:

"I voted for Obama because he's black," he said at the start of the "Nightly Show's" third episode. "I'm just clearing it up. Because people always ask me, 'Do you agree with Obama's policies?' And here's the truth: I agree with the policy that he's black."

With that groundwork laid, Wilmore proceeded to pick apart the highlight reel of Obama's State of the Union speech from earlier in the week — and for his money, it was a knockout performance, especially the whole part about Mars.

But even if it wasn't too little, was it a little too late? Let Wilmore and the "Nightly Show" team know your take on Twitter with the hashtag #KeepIt100.