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Who's The Mystery Man In Kylie Jenner's New Selfie?

It's obvious. Just look at the neck tattoo!

Kylie Jenner and Tyga have been spending an awful lot of time together for a pair of friends who are toooootally not dating.

After a philanthropic day at Los Angeles' Children's Hospital on Tuesday (December 16), it looks like the two might have spent a little more time together.

Kylie posted the uncaptioned, unexplained photo of her crimson lips and sultry eyes peeking over the shoulder of a tattooed mystery man who's sporting some awfully familiar ink work.

Upon closer inspection, we can make out the letters P-A-S-I-O. You know what else starts with P-A-S-I-O? Tyga's "Pasionaye" neck tattoo, which he got in honor of his mom, Pasionaye Nyguyen.

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So, unless there are droves of other men in the world sporting a neck tattoo that reads "Pasionaye"... Kylie and Tyga might has some explaining to do.