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We're Getting A New Ginuwine Album In 2015—Proof That It's Going To Be A Good Year

And Timbaland is definitely involved.

It looks like Timbaland and Ginuwine have joined forces yet again, this time for a joint album called Same Ol G that’s set to be released in 2015.

Details about the project are still a bit unclear. Ginuwine, who spent a lot of time working and enjoying a friendship with Timbaland, Missy Elliott and Aaliyah, revealed a trailer for the album on Instagram, listing several of the songs the two have already made together:

"NICE could it be.......could this happen again?? WOW Pony Tell me do you wanna I'll do anything im sorry Only when your lonely When doves cry What's so different So Anxious Same Ol G None of your friends business Im crying out.”

Will this be a collection of hits? A new project? A mixture of these? We’re not entirely sure yet, but it looks like there’s at least more to come from Gin and Tim in the new year.

If they have come together for a new project, it'd be a great sign of reconciliation after a disagreement. The two had a bit of a falling out after being so close for a period of time. In 2010, Ginuwine told Vibe that he was mad at the producer.

“Me and Tim were real close at one point," Ginuwine said at the time. "A lot of the times that I reached out, there were a bunch of excuses. I begged and pleaded with him because I felt a certain way but I was like, is it just a bad vibe that I’m picking up on? Maybe I’m bugging out, I don’t know. But it came out to be true and I still feel like he owes me an apology for that."

This year, Ginuwine didn't have anything negative to say about Timbo when discussing the 15th anniversary of 100% Ginuwine. "For him to take on that whole project and finish it and really do songs like 'So Anxious' and 'What So Different?' and all the other songs that came from that body of work, it was just remarkable for me to be a part of that," he said during an interview with Billboard. "I was always excited to work with him because we were on the same page."

Well, it looks like they might just be back on the same page again.