Ginuwine Turning Early Days With Missy, Timbaland Into Film

'The Basement' may feature his friends playing themselves.

Up till now we've just seen Missy Elliott and her good friend Ginuwine in bit parts or cameos on the big screen. Now the opportunity may have come for them to expand their screen time and bring along other members of their clique.

"I'm working on a movie called 'The Basement' about me, Missy and Timbaland and what all of us went through," Ginuwine said of a film he's spearheading that centers around him and his crew when they were starving artists in the early '90s. He hasn't yet talked to his friends about starring as themselves in the film.

Even if they shy away from the project, though, he said, "I do want to get their OK to use certain things and portray them in certain ways. It's definitely going to be us involved in it. I definitely want to be in it also. Hopefully that will work. I'm trying to work on it as we speak."

He said he's already had a lot of interest from movie studios. "The people who want to do it are anxious to get it started. They've got writers and everything ready right now," he said. "Say we do it in June or July or something like that — which is pushing it — it will probably come out January, February or March."

Even if Ginuwine isn't able to hook up with Timbaland for their Hollywood biopic, he still wants some beats from the Virginia producer. The cut-up crooner is getting ready to start his next solo LP, which he'll either title Back to the Basics or The Sixth Man.

"Oh yeah, we working on that, either in a month or two," the pop-locking singer said. "We gotta get things straight at the label. I gotta feel like I'm being done right, they gotta feel like they're being done right. It's a little negotiation thing going on right now. Nothing that we can't handle as business people. Hopefully everything will get resolved and everything moves forward. Hopefully I'll come out by Christmas."

Besides his solo joint, Ginuwine is still very much committed to recording a duet album with LL Cool J.

"Right now I'm trying to dig in the crates, and it's gotta have a plot because The Best of Both Worlds, they already said that. I gotta make something else up [for the title]. It's gotta make sense for LL and myself. I gotta pretty much go with a lot of what LL wants because I came to him with it. He's been in the business way longer than I have. I just want to make sure everything's right for him as well as for me. Once I'm done [coming up with a title], I'm bringing [LL] at least half the tracks and hooks so he can just take that album and do whatever he's gotta do with it. I'll leave the spaces so he can just add in."