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'SNL' And Cameron Diaz Put A Twist On 'Annie' You Didn't See Coming

Plus Mystikal performed with Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars.

Cameron Diaz graced "SNL" last night (November 22) alongside Mark Ronson, Bruno Mars—and a surprise appearance by Mystikal—and in this Thanksgiving episode, the sketches took on everything from mooching off your parents back home to a the new immigration bill President Obama just passed. Here's a rundown of the highlights.

Obama's Bill Gets The School House Rock Treatment

Before Diaz made her way onto the 8H stage for her monologue where she fielded questions from the audience, the Thanksgiving episode kicked off with a political cold open, addressing President Obama's recent executive order that gives millions of immigrants the opportunity to stay in the country legally. The School House Rock jam has Kenan Thompson as the immigration bill sitting on Capitol Hill, hoping to become a law someday. But Bobby Moynihan's Executive Order is where "things pretty much just happen," and bypasses Congress while President Obama pushes the little bill aside and down those bumpy stairs.

Not So Little Orphan Annie

We don't have to wait much longer until Jay Z's "Annie" remake hits theaters before the Christmas holiday next month, but on last night's SNL episode, we got a sneak preview of another kind of story about a rags-to-riches girl and her Daddy Warbucks.

Cameron Diaz plays Miss Hannigan, as she does in the on-screen reboot, but instead of keeping tabs on Quvenzhane Wallis' Little Orphan Annie, the "Hard Knock Life" this time goes to Leslie Jones. When Jay Pharoah enters as Jaime Foxx as Dadd Warbucks, he dismisses a curly-haired and freckled Vanessa Bayer, looking for the all-new black Annie.

Jones enters, donning the signature red dress. She thinks her dad is Wyclef Jean and her mom is Bonnie Raitt (hence the hair). At 43 years old she's an orphan, a veteran and did half a season in the WNBA. Instead of doing orphan chores under Miss Hannigan's watchful eye, black Annie makes spreads for college football games and she can palm a pumpkin. Daddy Warbucks agrees to take her on not as an adoptive daughter, but he does need a security guard. The sketch ends with a catchy cover of Ram Jam's "Black Betty," but is replaced with lyrics for "Black Annie."

Back Home Ballin' For The Holidays

The other great thing about the upcoming holidays is going home to your parents house and ruling the place. That's the idea behind "Back Home Ballers." Joining previous hits "(Do It On My) Twin Bed" and "Dongs All Over The World," Kate, Cecily, Sasheer, Leslie, Cameron and your Lil' Baby Aidy are back. They roll up in a van with a license plate reading "YRGIRLS," taking advantage of luxuries like a full fridge of Costco groceries, not cleaning dishes, and surfing the free wi-fi (after some struggle with the password). If you're wondering how to do this when you go home soon, bust out "Cause I'm a back home baller/If I want something I just holler/ I do what I want and I get what I want because my parents miss their daughter."

Boss Baby

Beck Bennett's physical comedy returns in another installment of Office Boss, where Mr. Patterson is a financial genius with the body of a baby. Bennett slides down the stairs to greet his new CFO for dinner, with one sock askew. Cameron Diaz plays his wife, but it quickly becomes clear that she's more of a mother, feeding him with airplane noises and drawing up a bath in the kitchen sink after the company goes home because Mr. Patterson is ty-ty and wants to go nigh-nigh.

Instant Chick

In the gift we never knew we wanted but all of a sudden have to have, Vanessa Bayer demonstrates how to use Nest-Spresso, although she doesn't seem to know anything beyond how the basics work. It's instant incubation for a fertilized egg, once you pop a capsule in an adorable fluffy chick emerges. Just be careful to load it in correctly, otherwise you'll kill the chick and get a cup full of bones. When you need your chicken fix, now there's Nest-Spresso.

A Very Mystikal Feeling

As musical guests, Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars brought the funk to the NBC studio. Dressed just as fresh to death (and in the exact same outfits) in the "Uptown Funk" video, the performance was filled with energetic hip-shaking and retro soul, backed by a bright skyline set. For the second number, "Feel Right," Mystikal makes an entrance. Bruno Mars and his singers in shades and fedoras move behind four mic stands, looking snazzy in their choreography while Ronson was on the guitar plucking.

It's always a good Saturday night when Mystikal and Cameron Diaz appear on the same TV show, am I right?

James Franco and Nicki Minaj will host and perform on December 6.