Mark Ronson And Bruno Mars Bring The Noise And The Funk On Their Solid Gold New Song

The '70s never sounded so real.

I must've been an extremely good girl this year because Christmas just came a month and a half early, and Santa gave me the one thing on my wish list -- a grooved-up-to-here ("here" being the waistline of your ultra-tight designer Jordache jeans) collaboration from Mark Ronson and Bruno Mars. You may know those names from their previous pairing on a little ditty called "Locked Out Of Heaven," which filled my funk quota twice over with so much soul it must've fallen to Earth straight from St. Peter's blessed gate.

The dynamic duo resurrect retro soul again on "Uptown Funk," which feels like a time-travel trip back to a George Clinton, Stevie Wonder, James Brown, Sugarhill Gang, Ohio Players and Kool And The Gang all-star funk lord power jam (via the seedy streets of 1970s Times Square... via a graffiti-stained 9 soul train). It's a brassy, shimmering funk shower, and while production mastermind Mark Ronson may have been born at least 30 years too late, the track feels like an homage that borrows from Stax legends without ever veering off into the reheat/rehash derivative zone. This is Ronson at his best and Bruno hitting and surpassing yet another peak.

The track's from Mark Ronson's upcoming Uptown Special album, out Jan. 27, 2015. But it might as well be January 1976.

Now hand mama her polyester jumpsuit and fur shrug, doll.