Austin Mahone Channels James Dean For First 'Teen Vogue' Covers

The singer's first-ever magazine cover is totally swoon-worthy.

Austin Mahone is your new favorite bad boy. The 18-year-old pop singer takes notes from Hollywood icon James Dean for his very first (and second) magazine cover in the December/January issue of Teen Vogue.

Two Covers Are Better Than One!

In one version, the teen dream gets up-close and personal with the camera, sporting a plain white T and his big, pouty lips.


But in the alternate cover, Mahone drops the sultry face for something more Rebel Without A Cause-esque. With his greased-up locks and leather jacket, we're practically staring right into the eyes of a young James Dean.

You're Tearing Me Apart!

We suppose all of this took place well before the "Mmm Yeah" singer opted-in for Movember? His baby-shaven face is a big departure from the scruffy selfies Austin has been sharing this month.