'Teen Mom' Dilemmas: Sometimes, It's The Same Stuff, Different Day

After seven years, the young mothers are facing familiar problems.

By Paige Whipple of the National Campaign to Prevent Teen and Unplanned Pregnancy

As the kids of "Teen Mom OG" are growing up, starting school and facing new challenges, their moms are still dealing with many of the same problems they had back when they were 16 and pregnant.

On this week's episode, Morgan, one of the executive producers of "TMOG," talks with Amber and says, "We’ve been doing this for seven years, and it's still not easy."


That couldn’t be more true for each of these young mothers: Morgan paid his visit, in fact, because Amber's custody battle with Gary is heating up and Leah's father brought up claims about her fiancé Matt in order to help sway the case his way. And while it was wonderful to see Amber celebrate her little girl's birthday, the Indiana native is still coping with longstanding issues with her ex -- and this latest incident is proof.


Meanwhile, Maci is still dealing with Ryan’s reliability as a parent. This week's example of the ongoing problem: The young dad misses trick-or-treating, and Maci says that Bentley is used to his father's habits. “Right now, I think it’s just normal for him, but one day it’s gonna affect him and he’s going to wonder why Ryan’s always late and why he’s never there," she laments.


For her part, Farrah is seeing her communication with her mom continue to evolve, but the entrepreneur's trip to the UK put a tremendous and visible strain on their fragile relationship. If Farrah relocates to LA, it would reduce the amount of time she has to travel -- and would allow her to be closer to her Seattle-based parent. But will the move help smooth over some of the continuous conflict -- which was first on display during "16 and Pregnant" -- between the mother-daughter duo?


Finally, Catelynn is talking to her longtime counselor (who we first met during the early "TMOG" seasons) about her anxiety and depression while adjusting to being a new mom and wife. She and Tyler have come so far and have worked hard to improve themselves but both know that this effort requires constant communication. Cate's counselor tells her that she hasn’t gotten to the root of her anxiety, which may be why she’s still struggling with this years-long condition.

Seven years is a long time in some ways, and not so much in others. But overall, it’s encouraging to see all of the OGs working on themselves, their co-parenting relationships, their relationships with their own parents and the parenting choices they’ve made. To see more of these aforementioned storylines unfold, stay tuned to "TMOG" every Monday at 10/9c.