LMFAO Sing Along To 'Jersey Shore' Star Ronnie's Single

Party rockers take a shot at 'How The F--- We Gettin' Home?!' on YouTube.

DJ Pauly D isn't the only member of the "Jersey Shore" crew obsessed with beats. The vibe has clearly rubbed off on pal Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, who is prepping for the release on Tuesday (June 5) of his debut single, "How The F--- We Gettin' Home?!"

And just like Pauly D made sure to get a co-sign from his label boss, 50 Cent, on his musical adventures, Ronnie has lined up some famous friends to help him get the word out. The song has been circulating online for several weeks and when Ronnie recently visited a New Jersey club LMFAO's RedFoo and SkyBlu were in the house and they treated the crowd at Mur Mur to a live performance of the track, which also features Modo and Jaylyn Ducati.

In a YouTube video of the song, RedFoo can be seen singing along to such booze-soaked lyrics as, "Waiting for a night like this/ I've been waiting so long/ We don't take it easy/ Someone take my keys, please" while clubgoers bounce along to the pumping EDM beat. According to a publicist for Ortiz, there has already been talk of LMFAO doing an official remix of the tune.

The single, created using a new song-mixing Facebook app called Songster, allows fans to make their own remixes of the song, whose chorus includes the lines, "If we don't take it easy/someone take my keys please/ I don't think I'm able to drive."

LMFAO, who, of course, have a long association with the "Shore" thanks to the show's use of their song "Get Crazy" in its credits, achieved another MTV-related milestone on Sunday night at the 2012 MTV Movie Awards. Even though their acceptance speech was, unfortunately, [article id="1686463"]cut way short[/article]
, the pair earned their first Golden Popcorn for Best Music award for "Party Rock Anthem."

"It went good, but I feel like our acceptance speech was circumcised," RedFoo said. "It got clipped up, because they said, 'You've only got 12 seconds,' and 12 seconds, to me, that's too short. I'm at least a two-minute brother. But 12 seconds, I can't figure it all out," he said, with a not-at-all subtle gesture. "I can't even pull it all out."

Jaw-dropping, heart-pounding, gut-busting moments galore. See what just happened at the 21st annual MTV Movie Awards!

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