Wiz Khalifa And Curren$y Turn To Weed (Duh) And Usher For New Collab

It's a leftover from their upcoming '#2009' project

If the chorus of Wiz Khalifa and Curren$y's new song, "Situations," sounds a bit familiar, it's for good reason.

"Situations will arise / In our lives / But you gotta be smart about it," Usher sang on his 2001 hit "U Don't Have to Call."

And for their latest, Mister Cap and Spitta take inspiration from that and sprinkle it, of course, with their own herbal flavor: "Situations will arise / We'll get high / 'Cause it's all about getting a dollar," Wiz sings on the newly released jam which, according to Curren$y, was left on the "cutting room floor" of their upcoming joint project, #2009.

You may recognize Wiz's verse, too, as he released it on his “Exclusive Freestyle” from last summer. Maybe that's why this was one of the leftovers and didn't make the final #2009 cut?

As for when we'll actually get that release, there's still no official word. But if they keep the collaborative releases coming in the meantime -- just last week Spitta dropped his Stoned on Ocean mixtape, which included "Speedboats," featuring Wiz -- then we can keep waiting.