Adam Lambert Would Swipe Right For Kurt Cobain And More Celeb Ghosts: Watch

The 'American Idol' alum goes from 'Ghost Town' to 'Ghost Tinder.'

In his new single "Ghost Town," Adam Lambert declares that his heart is, well, exactly that. And while the former "American Idol" contestant isn't necessarily interested in filling the vacancy, he's open to the possibility.

"If love found me, I wouldn't run away from it, but I don't know," he told MTV News. "I think I'm dating my album right now... yeah, the Original High is my lover.

To get an idea of what kind of guy Adam might be interested in -- other than his LP, which drops June 16 -- MTV News created a faux Tinder lineup to see who he'd swipe right for. Instead of using everyday people one might stumble across on the app, however, we curated a list of dudes that fell in the same vein of his song: ghosts.

While Adam doesn't usually rely on social media to find a date -- "No, no, no" -- he was open to playing our matchmaking game -- "Hey, you got to do what you got to do, I guess." From heartthrobs like James Dean and River Phoenix to one dimensional characters like Casper and the Snapchat logo, Adam swiped his way through a plethora of picks (check out his love connections in the video above).

As the lead track off the Original High, Adam wanted "Ghost Town" to represent a feeling everyone could relate to.

"It's that feeling that might come over you, maybe after a breakup, when you've had your heart stomped on a little bit, and you're feeling a little lost, and a little lonely, and you're questioning kind of everything, and your beliefs, and faith in the universe, and then someone puts on a real sick house beat and you're fine," he explained.

But it doesn't start and stop with "Ghost Town," Adam says he created the entire album based on experiences everyone has been through.

"I think in the past I was playing around with more theatrical, kind of over the top, kind of kitschy, campy, type material, but on this album, I wanted to do something a little more real, a little more grounded, a little bit more honest, and kind of serious," he revealed. "It was really important for me to write about stuff that I had experienced, things that were through my point of view but at the same time, the topics on the album are things that I think everybody goes through no matter who you are."

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