Glamberts Are ‘Dead’ After Adam Lambert's Birthday Surprise Announcement

Fans are going to get hit with an Original High.

It may be Adam Lambert's birthday, but he decided to give all the Lamberts the greatest gift of all: a new album.

Okay, we still have to wait a few months until it actually gets released, but this news alone makes us want to throw on our b-day party hats and celebrate.

The former "American Idol" contestant, who recently signed to Warner Bros. Records, announced that his third album will be titled Original High and that the first single will be released in April. Oh, and for those that are wondering that's not the album cover, just a new pic.

Adam went on to reveal that the entire album was executive produced by the superstar studio magicians who worked on his smash debut album, For Your Entertainment, Max Martin and Shellback.

Fans totally freaked out and are ridiculously happy over the news since it's been nearly three years since we've had new music from the singer, who has been touring with classic rock superstars Queen.