Katy Perry Walks On Air For 'Saturday Night Live' Performance: Watch!

Katy danced away to her latest 'Prism' single 'Walking On Air' as SNL's musical guest

Katy Perry caught a case of retro fever for her performance of "Walking On Air" on "Saturday Night Live." The latest track from the upcoming Prism features heavy synth and lyrics like "Yes, we make angels cry.".

Clad in a '90s schoolgirl outfit of a plaid skirt, knee socks and a white crop top, Perry sang through a windblown set, making her way from one end of the stage to another while dodging sheer silver pieces of cloth. During a heavy bass section, she danced and twirled through flashing strobe lights.

Earlier in the show, Perry continued her reign as Queen of the Jungle. For her first performance the pop singer took inspiration straight from her "Roar" music video. Surrounded by lush greenery, Perry donned a leopard-print number and wavy locks as she showed off her prowess. Band members joined in the act, taking the stage dressed as giraffes, tigers (on guitar), lions (on the drums) and one enthusiastic elephant (singing backup).

Although Perry has previously dropped into "SNL" skits (spoofing "Sesame Street") and even took a turn as a host in 2011, she left her acting chops out of the lineup. Perry was in good company with the show's host, Bruce Willis, who showed off his harmonica skills in the opening monologue, and later gave an impression of fashion designer Michael Kors appearing on the "Lady Gaga Talk Show."

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