Third Eye Blind, Ice Cube Pay Tribute to Clash

Eclectic lineup of rappers, rockers and ska acts put their personal signature on punk-pioneers' tunes.

Artists from power-pop darlings Third Eye Blind to rap legend Ice Cube are

putting their signature touch on an upcoming tribute LP to the pioneering punk-

rock band the Clash, who, in a relatively short career, had a major impact on all

styles of music.

The eclectic project, tentatively titled Clash Tribute Album, is scheduled

for an Aug. 25 release, according to Amiira Largent, director of A&R at Epic


Perhaps the greatest tribute to the far-reaching influence of the Brit-punk quartet

fronted by guitarists and singers Joe Strummer and Mick Jones, lies in the slate

of performers who have signed on for the album. Artists as varied as L.A. rapper

Ice Cube, ska-rockers the Mighty Mighty Bosstones and power-pop bands

Cracker and Third Eye Blind have signed on to cover tunes from the quartet that

rose to be the reigning kings of punk during the late '70s British Invasion.

The Clash did so by creating a seamless blend of reggae, rap and ska with an

angry political conscience. And it is that eclectic energy and raw power that has

inspired so many bands since.

Stephan Jenkins, frontman for the multi-platinum pop act Third Eye Blind, said

his group -- whose album spawned a handful

of hit singles -- leaped at the chance to contribute a track to the

forthcoming album.

"The Clash are one of our biggest influences," Jenkins said during a recent

SonicNet online chat.

The band has been scheduled to do a cover of the Clash hit "Train In Vain

(Stand By Me)." "We love the raw quality of their playing and the sense of

experimentation and lack of pretense in their music," Jenkins said. "They are

one of the only bands I think successfully combined politics and music."

A portion of the proceeds from the album will go to Strummer's charity of choice,

Children's Hospital Los Angeles-High Risk Youth Program, Largent said.

"As Epic Records was the home of the Clash, we're especially thrilled to be part

of this project," she said. "The brilliant and timeless music of the Clash,

performed by some of today's most influential artists, is truly inspiring."

Although they achieved their greatest commercial success later in their career

with radio favorites such as

HREF=",_The/Rock_The_Casbah.ram">"Rock The Casbah" (RealAudio excerpt) and


Go.ram">"Should I Stay Or Should I Go" (RealAudio excerpt) -- off of their 1982 platinum

record, Combat Rock -- many critics and fans alike agree that the Clash's

ambitious double-disc, 1979's London Calling, is representative of some

of the band's best work.

The complete track listing for the tribute album is: 311 ("White Man In

Hammersmith Palais"), Rancid ("Cheat"), the Mighty Mighty Bosstones

("Rudie Can't Fail"), Cracker ("White Riot"), Moby and Heather Nova

("Straight To Hell"), Ice Cube featuring Mack 10 and Korn ("Should I Stay

Or Should I Go"), the Urge ("Radio Clash"), Silverchair ("London's

Burning"), Unwritten Law ("Guns Of Brixton"), No Doubt ("Hateful") and

Third Eye Blind ("Train In Vain (Stand By Me)").