'Families Of The Mafia' Is Returning To MTV

Two new clans will join the docuseries beginning July 15

According to infamous mafioso "Sammy The Bull" Gravano, "If you're going to tell the story, you gotta tell it all." And Families of the Mafia will do just that when the docuseries returns to MTV.

The gripping program is back on July 15, following Jersey Shore: Family Vacation. Filmed through the lens of a true-crime docuseries, Families of the Mafia will dive into the lives of five notorious mafia-tied families as they continue to navigate away from the underlying life of organized crime that still haunts them to this day.

The Gravanos, the O'Tooles and the Laroccas are back -- and two new families will enter the fold. From Joe wishing his father Billy was alive "to see all of the good" to CP reconnecting with his father, it's time to face the real world, and there's nowhere to hide.

Watch the extensive first look at Families of the Mafia, learn more about the clans below and do not miss the premiere on Thursday, July 15 at 9/8c!

The Gravanos: Karen is back in New York and has developed a passion for prison reform. Having so much experience in the justice system, she is working hard to help reverse the verdict of her boyfriend, who is currently serving a life sentence. Karina strives to build her own empire and has begun her professional life in the competitive, male-dominated world of finance while trying to distance herself from the Gravano family legacy. And her grandfather, Sammy “The Bull,” launches a podcast to divulge his notorious past, causing strife in the family.

The O’Tooles: In the wake of their father’s unexpected death, the entire family bands together to launch an investigation as they grow suspicious that his cause of death wasn’t suicide.

The Laroccas: CP continues to navigate his relationship with his parents now that his father has been released from prison after serving a five-year stint for drug charges, but the family is thrown off its course to “normal” after receiving life-altering news.

The Nayfelds: Eli Kiperman, son of Boris Nayfeld, known as one of New York’s most influential Russian mafia bosses, prepares to reunite with his father, who has been serving out his probation in Moscow, Russia. Eli has chosen the legitimate route and works hard to support his mother Angela, who continues to struggle with the idea of a life without her husband.

The Cutolos: Billy Cutolo Jr., the son of once-powerful underboss William “Wild Bill” Cutolo, continues to reacclimate to life with his family after their time in the witness protection program. He plans for his return to New York for the first time since his father’s infamous murder to reunite with his estranged family and tie up loose ends with his dad's old associates.

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