The Anatomy Of A Breakup: What Happens To Your Body During Heartbreak

A diagram of the various body parts that will turn on you during your darkest hours.

What is the body part most associated with breakups? The heart. Heart break. Broken hearts. Heart ache. However, anyone who has suffered through the ending of a relationship knows the pain is not actually located in your chest. If it is, stop eating so much chili or see a doctor because you're having a heart attack.

During a breakup numerous body parts can and will turn against you. To help our readers understand what really happens to you (not the oversimplified broken heart metaphor), we've created The Anatomy Of A Breakup with plenty of other new metaphors.

The Mind Becomes A Trap

You become your own worst enemy. Your mind will turn on you, often when you least expect it. It can be a nice day and you're in a relatively good mood...then suddenly the trap springs. You're caught in a memory about that romantic weekend in Delaware and you can't stop ruminating on the fact you'll never be able to enjoy Old Bay french fries the same way again.

The Eyes Become Sliced Onions

This is pretty self-explanatory. You're gonna cry. You can't stop it. And it's going to be embarrassing.

The Mouth Becomes A Toilet

In an effort to eat your feelings, you'll flush all kinds of crap down your throat: ice cream, booze (if you're 21 and older), comfort food ... the list goes on. There will come a point, though, when the feelings and food will clog your toilet and it begins overflowing. Sometimes you literally spew and other times you'll just spew emotions all over a friend or confused co-worker.

The Gut Becomes A Septic Tank

Not only will this be the receptacle for all the horrible decisions you're eating, but it also becomes a whirlpool of regret, nerves and bile. Nothing pleasant is ever in the septic tank.

The Hands Become Double-Edged Swords

Your hands can keep you out of trouble or put you in the worst predicaments. Use them to keep busy, it'll help you deal with the loss. On the other side, idle hands are the devil's workshop. Sitting around and doing nothing will lead to you stalking your ex on Facebook or worse.

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The Crotch Becomes The Devil

"The best way to get over someone is to get under someone." It's a catchy saying, but it doesn't always work out. Just like the devil will tell you to do things you never normally would, your crotch can lead you into some dark places in an effort to feel better. You will regret many of those "dark places."