Because Of Gwen Stefani, 'Artpop' Is A Word Now

And Lady Gaga is pretty stoked.

Some may wait for Merriam-Webster and Oxford to introduce new words into the lexicon. We over here at MTV News, however, are happy enough to adopt new terms whenever Gwen Stefani deems them acceptable. At least in the case of "artpop," which she recently used as an adjective.

Lady Gaga tweeted a Vine of Stefani during a recent appearance on HSN. The No Doubt frontwoman was there to support her new collection of "POP ELECTRIC" fragrances, and she described the perfumes' shiny packaging as "artpop," which is both the title and concept of Mother Monster's 2013 record.

Well, if Gwen co-signs, it must be so. She did cause us all to wear fashion braces back in the day, so I do not doubt her powers of cultural persuasion.

Get on this, Oxford.