Austin Mahone Could Sing The Phonebook, And This Is Proof

The pop star turns a 'Wild 'N Out' spoof into something that sounds more like a hit record.

Teen heartthrob Austin Mahone can make girls swoon with his sweet smile, smooth dancing and angelic voice. But if naysayers ever doubted the latter, the singer is sure to silence them all with this "Wild 'N Out" sneak peek.

In the clip from tonight's show, below, Nick Cannon challenges Austin and his team to create a silly song, and the pop star pulls out some major vocals for the "R & Beef" game.

"Fake Jordans Air Force Ones -- them shoes ain't right," he begins to sing a capella, making all of the ladies in the audience practically melt in their seats. No autotune needed here!

And while Austin sang about faux shoes, Nick agrees his voice is 100 percent the real deal. "That's a hit record right there," the host says, giving the "Mmm Yeah" crooner kudos.

Check out the full song, and watch more of Austin on "Wild 'N Out" tonight at 11/10c on MTV2!