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Austin Mahone Reveals He Kissed A Fan, And -- WAIT, WHAT?!

The 'MMM Yeah' singer performs and more on 'Big Morning Buzz Live.'

In case you missed it, on Thursday, Austin Mahone kicked it on VH1's "Big Morning Buzz Live" with host Nick Lachey. Apologies to Ben Affleck, but is it too late to cast these two as Batman and Robin in that upcoming big-screen adaptation? Curious fans demand answers.

But, back to the matter at hand. While there, the "Shadow" singer talked about the one time he accidentally kissed a fan on the lips, his partnership with The Allstate Foundation's #GetThereSafe safe-driving initiative and -- WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT, WAIT.

Austin Mahone "accidentally" went all first base, no-tongue, with some lucky Mahomie?! We should all be so lucky to be involved in such "accidents."

Afterward, the supremely coiffed young singer broke out a tightly choreographed live performance of "MMM Yeah," subbing in for Pitbull when the featured verse came in.

Singing? Dancing? Pitbull-impersonating? That's approximately 17-million more things than I can do before noon. Check it out below.