'Arrow': All The Biggest Moments On 'Deathstroke'

Slade Wilson makes the first move in his elaborate scheme to exact revenge on Oliver Queen.

"Arrow" ramped up the action and reveals big time this week. Here are all the biggest moments on "Deathstroke":

Slade Takes Queen

Picking up literally seconds after last week's episode, "Deathstroke" sees Thea Queen being kidnapped by Oliver's arch-nemesis, Slade Wilson. Sending a message to the Queen family during one of Moira's debate, the entirety of Starling City is thrown into a panic including Oliver and company. Yet, despite Team Arrow's best efforts, Oliver is put at a huge disadvantage by the end of the episode.

Sins of the Father

When Oliver makes Isabel Rochev temporary CEO of Queen Consolidated and accidentally hands over his family's company, it's revealed that Isabel knew Oliver's father, Robert Queen. According to DC comics canon, Isabel is one of Robert's crazed former lovers who believes herself to be the true heir to the Queen business and will stop at nothing to see Oliver destroyed.

Now that we know that Isabel has been working for Slade this whole time, it would appear as though the "Arrow" Isabel and the DC comics Isabel are a lot more similar than initially perceived.

Merlyn's Daughter

Before she's permitted to leave, Slade offers to tell Thea a secret about her brother. While she's still unaware of Oliver's alter ego, Thea does find out that she's actually the daughter of Malcolm Merlyn. How will this play out when the League of Assassins inevitably return to Starling City? What will Malcolm do now that he holds absolutely no leverage over Moira Queen?

Roy Quits

Despite his tireless archery training, Roy gets completely fed up with taking orders from Oliver and decides to leave Starling City. While it was hinted in last week's episode that Roy could be taking on the monicker of "Speedy," his recent anger issues definitely fall more in line with that of "Arsenal." Here's hoping Roy returns to Starling City with a new costume and a cybernetic arm!


In the past, it's been said that the mysterious Mirakuru serum has the ability to endow its users with enhanced strength, speed, and regenerative capabilities. However, in this week's episode, Slade points out that the Mirakuru has thus far been able to regenerate everything on his body except for his right eye. What did Oliver do to remove Slade's eye permanently and how could he implement that same technique in his final showdown with Deathstroke?

Oliver's Secret

While Thea still hasn't been told the full truth about her brother, Laurel Lance actually finds out a lot more than she bargained for when Slade drops by her apartment unannounced. Will Laurel still blame Oliver for Tommy's death and reveal his secret to the District Attorney? Also, now that Laurel knows that Oliver is the Arrow, it's only a matter of time before her father finds out. That is, once he's released from prison.

What did you think of "Deathstroke"?