Ice Cube Does A Mean Kevin Hart Impression: Watch Now

MTV News talks to the unlikely pair, who stars in 'Ride Along.'

For crime fighting cops, who knows you better than your partner? In "Ride Along," Ice Cube and Kevin Hart get to know each other really well over the course of a crazy day on the job.

With Cube playing a no-nonsense detective and Hart an aspiring Cadet determined to win Cube's approval to marry his sister, the unlikely buddies team up to take down a drug lord — and comedy ensues.

"On some days, when Kevin is extra funny, I just gotta hold myself back from trying to keep up with him, but more or less stay in my lane," Cube told MTV News. "I think we all just brought so much professionalism [to the film], the chemistry spewed out from there."

Director Tim Story and executive producer Will Packer were amazed at Cube's superhuman ability to hold a straight scowl during Hart's many over-the-top tangents, but the funnyman says he was focused on adding "levels" to his performance.

"It's my job to also have levels, it's not just about being [screaming] 'Ahh!' all the time," Hart said. "If I don't have a place to go, then it means we don't have a funny place to build up to... sometimes I would have to be that funny, crazy guy and sometimes it would have to be reserved."

As the duo fed off each other in front of the camera, they may have picked up a few distinct mannerisms from their partner in crime fighting. Turns out, Cube does a pretty mean impression of his co-star. Watch in the video above.

"Ride Along" hits theaters on January 17.