Taylor Swift's '22' Gets Everyone Singing In New Diet Coke Ad

It's one big karaoke party — across the country — in bubbly 'Music That Moves' commercial.

It's a big old karaoke party in Taylor Swift's new Diet Coke ad. Released just a week after Beyoncé's hot "Mirrors" commercial for Pepsi, Taylor's "Music That Moves" spot is fun because, well, as they say, only water can put out fire.

To put it simply, the immediate difference between the pop stars' new ads is that Beyoncé's Pepsi promo is all about, well, Beyoncé. In a three-way mirror, present-day Beyoncé dances with images of "Bootylicious" Bey, "Single Lady" Bey and "Crazy in Love" Bey, among other video alter egos, which means there are at least four Beyoncés winding and grinding ... and giving four times the sexy.

So how does Taylor compete with all the steam wafting from Queen Bey? She doesn't even try. Instead, Diet Coke takes the warm and um, fizzy, route (it's diet soda after all). In the clip, Taylor is seen coming up with the lyrics for her hit song "22." Soon everyone from grown men driving down the street to restaurant cooks to office clerks find themselves singing along to Swift's sticky-sweet pop/country tune. And it all culminates in the wide-eyed singer hitting the stage to rock out.

(It's also worth noting for those keeping track that while Taylor's ad features her smash "22," Beyoncé's ad premiered a new track called "Grown Woman.") But the message in Swift's ad is clear: the pop star makes and breaks records and, through it all, Diet Coke helps her "Stay Extraordinary." "I've said for years that Diet Coke just 'gets me' and my lifestyle. I'm so excited about our new partnership," Swift said in a press release when the partnership was announced back in January.

Swift currently on the road for her Red Tour, and she performed Sunday at the ACM Awards. As part of her partnership with the soda brand, Diet Coke share videos and messages to give fans a backstage pass into the singer's busy life.

Taylor announced via tweet that her ad will make its television debut tonight (April 11) during "American Idol."

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