Taylor Swift got her Gondry on in "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" and did dark (for her, anyway) with "I Knew You Were Trouble." So, in a way, you can't blame her for taking a slightly less arty approach with her brand-new "22" clip ... after all, sometimes a girl needs a break.

So rather than pal around with Furries or Reeve Carney, Taylor packs the new video with her friends (yes, her actual "real-life best friends," as she went to great lengths to point out whilst premiering the clip on "Good Morning America" Wednesday). There's not much of a plot, or any grand aspirations, and, hey, that's okay. Instead, we get to see Taylor at ease, with her guard down — an increasingly rare state for her these days — as she goofs around, bounces on trampolines, hits the beach, has a party and basically does everything you or I would do, had we the time (or the budget.)

Want Taylor Swift's "22" look? MTV Style has you covered!

About the only time things get meta is when Swift sports a shirt that reads "Not A Whole Lot Going On At The Moment," a knowing wink to both her critics and those who focus on her personal life ... but really, that's as deep as she — or director Anthony Mandler, who helmed her "Trouble" clip — are willing to go. "22" is an easy, breezy blast, an intimate look at a superstar ignoring the trappings of fame and just focusing on having a good time. Shot in Malibu, it plays out like a postcard-perfect vacay vid, all sun and fun and surf. It's not high art, but it doesn't have to be: After all, there will be surely be more glossy magazine spreads, celebrity feuds and high-profile breakups on the horizon ... for one day at least, Taylor just wants to be normal. It's a good look for her.

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