WATCH: Foster The People, Aziz Anzari Get Stumped On Our Bonnaroo Quiz

Spelling 'Bonnaroo' seems to pose the most difficulty for fest acts, while the question of bathing turns up some not-so-fragrant revelations.

Bonnaroo 2012 is off to a sunny, memorable start with standout sets on Friday from such wide-ranging acts as Ludacris, Foster the People, Kendrick Lamar and Radiohead — truly offering something for every music fan.

But the culture of Bonnaroo is just as important: Revelers camp out for days (often greeting each other with a "Happy Bonnaroo!") to celebrate the message of good times and even better tunes. So, after we caught up with some of the day's headliners to talk news, we kept them around to get their thoughts on the festival, submitting them to our very own pop quiz!

Spelling "Bonnaroo" posed the most difficulty for acts like Sharon Jones and Foster the People, both of whom prefaced off-camera that they're terrible at spelling. The artists, however, didn't hesitate when we asked how long they've ever gone without bathing, which is perhaps one of the least-fragrant and enduring stereotypes of any festival.

"I bathe every day!" Aziz Ansari assured us, not long after he divulged some details about working with Kanye West on the rapper's film "Cruel Summer."

But Cubbie Fink of Foster the People had no problem admitting the contrary: a whole summer. "I hated showering when I was a kid," Fink told MTV News. An avid surfer, he explained that he didn't feel the need to soap up as frequently since he was already in the water most of the day.

Then there were the new festival traditions we felt compelled to ask about. Ever since Tupac posthumously rocked the stage at this year's Coachella via hologram, we've wondered if the gathering at Bonnaroo would follow suit with a hologram performance, and if so, who would be featured?

"Hologram Reba McEntire," Diplo deadpanned, making his prediction before performing Friday night with Major Lazer.

We've got two more days to see if that comes to fruition!

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